Category 2 (Backyard Burning) allowed

Effective Noon Sept. 18th, 2019

Category 1 & 2
Backyard Burning
Category 3
Land Clearing
Regulations Regarding Small Backyard Burning

The NOVFD fire service area will follow provincial burn prohibitions and suspend open burning as appropriate.
Please follow the BC Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation
Campfire (category 1) descriptions and regulations can be found here.
Category 2 fire descriptions and regulations can be found here.



Regulation Regarding Large Machine Built Piles and Landclearing

Burning to clear land is subject to by-law 2020 under the Cowichan Valley Regional District in addition to provincial regulations.

Owners of agricultural land (A-1 & A-2) are permitted to burn if they are conducting a normal farm practice. If merely logging the land for timber, you must use a curtain burner or trench as per landclearing by-laws. Prior to burning you must contact CVRD by-law enforcement, with intened buring senario, who will:

·         Advise as to the options (farm status, farm application or normal land clearing with trench burner or curtain burner)

·         Advise of the ticketing should they decide to continue WITHOUT approval ($2000 per pile)

·         Advise that this will also be an offence with MOE pollution regulation ($$$$$$ depending on the degree of pollution) should proper approval not be granted and burning still occurs.  

If you are unsure of your status, contact the CVRD for clarification.

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