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Our recruitment drive runs Sept-Oct every year. We do accept and retain applications all year.

Why Volunteer

Get Involved

By joining your local department, you’re afforded the chance to truly make a difference in your community. This is your opportunity to get involved in something rewarding and meaningful. You’ll find out what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter, to have the courage to act, the ability to perform.


Give Back


Giving back is answering the call when no one else will. It’s providing the safety and reliability the community needs. It’s the ultimate service to your community. You might think at first that you don’t have the time – until you feel the honor of helping out your neighbors in a way that no one else can, when they truly need you. You’ll realize nothing is more worth your time.

Do you have what it takes?

Volunteer firefighters train for emergency response when communities call. The call may come in the middle of the night, and in almost every situation, under stressful and emotional circumstances. Our volunteers tell us about the tremendous rewards that come with their work. We know there are others with the same courage, commitment and compassion.


Train for Safety


Your first thought may be that you’re not trained to fight fires and handle emergencies. But when you join the volunteer fire service, you’re trained to be safe. You’ll receive continuing education on the most current technology and equipment as you go along to hone your first responder skills. You can rest assured you’re making a huge difference in your community and doing so in the safest way possible thanks to the exceptional training provided to you.


As a member of the volunteer fire service, not only do you get the satisfaction of helping others, but you get free training, tuition assistance and other great benefits. You become part of a new family, a brotherhood and sisterhood unlike any you’ve ever known.Other potential benefits of becoming a volunteer firefighter include but are not limited to:


  • Training – Utilizing the latest equipment and techniques, all at NO COST

  • Civilian Training - In addition to the regular fire fighter training, we offer transferable training like air-brakes, WHIMS, and First Aid.

  • Income Tax Benefits – Volunteer firefighters with at least 200 hours of volunteer firefighting services in a year can claim a non- refundable tax credit. 

  • Annual Honorarium - Based on participation, a small sum at Christmas as thanks for your contribution to the community. 

  • Free Disability Insurance – Get hurt on or off duty, you've got coverage.

  • Free Health Benefit - Based on service length, an annual amount that can be re-reimbursed to you for any out-of-pocket health treatment.

  • Service Awards – Formal recognition tied to length of service.


Interested in a career as a firefighter? 

Our training is fully accredited, and we have had many members go on to full-time careers in the fire service. Give us a few years, and we'll give you the certifications needed to pursue job opportunities with paid departments. Not only do you get this training at no cost to you, you'll get actual job experience to help you in job applications.

Junior Fire Fighter Program

We have a comprehensive program available for 16-17 year olds that gives them all the same training as our adult fire fighters with the exception of fire entry. Contact us for more information if you are interested.

Volunteer Now!


Are you ready to enrich your sense of purpose, stretch your boundaries, and change your life forever?

You can inquire about joining by:

  • Calling: (250) 245-5111

  • Stopping by the station any Tuesday night after 6:50pm  *holidays excluded

  • Emailing us

We hold a formal recruitment drive September - October each year with successful applicants starting training in November.

We do also take applications all year!

Not in our area?

Check out Answer The Call - A website that will help you find volunteer fire opportunities across the country. 

Requirements and Responsibilities 

Basic Requirements *

  • A Valid Driver’s License (minimum)

  • Minimum 18 years of age

  • Able to understand and communicate in English

  • Physically able to perform tasks and duties of the job

  • Able to commit to training

  • Live and/or work in or close to the response area

  • No conviction of a criminal offense related to the job duties of a firefighter

*Junior Fire Fighter program has some different basic requirements.


For fire and emergency response volunteer firefighter positions:

  • Work as part of an organized, trained team to respond to emergency situations

  • Protect citizens in times of crisis

  • Perform the duties of emergency responder, fire suppression and public education as assigned

  • Learn the skills of an emergency responder

  • Respond to a broad range of emergency situations

  • Provide pre-hospital care for victims

  • Be a community role model

  • Responsible for upgrading and maintaining skills, knowledge and physical requirements

  • Maintain the fire station and upkeep of firefighting equipment






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