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Fire Suppression

The first and primary functions of a fire department is the preservation of life and property.
When a fire occurs, we first establish if anyone is still in the structure. If we can not, and are able to, we will make entry to search out those still trapped.
Next we suppress, and extinguish the fire as quickly and efficently as possible to minimize fire damage.

Rescue can mean many things and in the fire service, quite often does. When emergency situations arise where no one is quite sure who to call, they call the fire department.
We primarily train for auto extrication, due to the volume of calls we get for motor vehicle incidents (MVI's). We carry a full complement of hyraulic rescue tools on our rescue truck.
Medical Aid

With NOFR members fully trained as EMA - FR Level 3, we help stabilize and treat emergency medical patients awaiting response from the BC Ambulance Service.
Once the ambulance crew arrives, we will assist them for a long as we are required, often accompaning serious patients right to the ER.
Fire Education

Our fire education team is always working hard to promote fire safety to our most impressionable community members. Sparky the firedog is always ready to be on hand for community events to get out the message.
Make sure yours is working TODAY!
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